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Use Styled System props on any JSX element

npm i -D @styled-system/babel-plugin
<h1 mt={0} mb={4} color='primary'>
  • Use Styled System props on any JSX element
  • Support for all CSS properties
  • Picks up values from theme context
  • Use arrays for responsive styles
  • Removes props from rendered HTML

Getting Started

Add the plugin to your Babel config. Be sure that @emotion/babel-preset-css-prop is included as well.

// babel.config.js
module.exports = {
  presets: [
  plugins: [

Use Styled System props or CSS properties as React props on any JSX element.


What it does

@styled-system/babel-plugin converts style props to objects in a css prop, allowing libraries like Emotion to parse the styles into CSS.

// in
<div color='tomato' px={32} />

// out (before Emotion's Babel plugin)
    color: 'tomato',
    paddingLeft: 32,
    paddingRight: 32,

Use values from your theme

When colors, fonts, font sizes, a spacing scale, or other values are definied in an Emotion theme context, the values can be referenced by key in the props.

// example theme
export default {
  colors: {
    primary: '#07c',
    muted: '#f6f6f9'
<div color='primary' bg='muted' />

Use arrays for responsive styles

<div width={[ '100%', '50%', '25%' ]} />


  • Breakpoints can only be configured in the Babel plugin options (this is an intentional performance enhancement)
  • Theme values with not work when a custom function is used in the css prop
  • Does not parse props on SVG elements
  • This does not use the core styled-system package under the hood and is an alternative implementation. This is not intended to be used with components built with styled-system and may work differently than exppected.
  • Does not transform fractional width values
  • Does not include default scales for space or fontSizes

To configure custom breakpoint values, set the breakpoints option in your Babel config file.

// babel.config.js
module.exports = {
  presets: [
  plugins: [
    [ '@styles-system/babel-plugin', {
      breakpoints: [
        '32em', '48em', '64em', '72em',
    } ]

MIT License

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