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Custom Style Props

To extend Styled System for other CSS properties that aren't included in the library, use the system utility to create your own style functions.

All Styled System functions rely on these low-level utilities.

  • system creates a style prop function
  • compose combines multiple style prop functions into one


import styled from 'styled-components'
import { system } from 'styled-system'

const textDecoration = system({
  prop: 'textDecoration',
  cssProperty: 'textDecoration',

const Link = styled.a`
    textDecoration: true,
    fontWeight: {
      property: 'fontWeight',
      scale: 'fontWeights',

export default Link

The system function accepts an object with keys that represent style props for your component. Each key can define the following:

  • property: the CSS property to use in the returned style object
  • properties: an array of multiple properties (e.g. [ 'marginLeft', 'marginRight' ])
  • scale: a string referencing a key in the theme object
  • transform: a function to transform the raw value based on the scale
  • defaultScale a fallback scale object for when there isn't one defined in the theme object


By default, Styled System will return either a value from the theme, based on a key, or the raw value. To change how a style prop value is transformed, provide a custom transform function. The function takes two arguments: (value, scale), where value is the raw prop value, and scale is a theme scale object or array.

Shortcut definition

If your style prop does not need to pick up values from the theme and the prop matches the intended CSS property, you can use a shortcut definition in the system function argument.

  transition: true,

This will take the transition prop and translate it into a style object.

Style prop function

The system function returns a style prop function that can be used in Styled Components, Emotion, or other CSS-in-JS libraries. This function takes props as an argument and returns a style object. The style prop function includes a .propNames static array that can be used to detect which props the function accepts.


To create aliases for props with the system function, add a key for the aliased prop name.

// example alias
import { system } from 'styled-system'

const config = {
  color: {
    property: 'color',
    scale: 'colors',
  backgroundColor: {
    property: 'backgroundColor',
    scale: 'colors',
// alias = config.backgroundColor

export const color = system(config)


To combine multiple Styled System functions in a single component, use the compose utility.

import styled from 'styled-components'
import { space, layout, color, compose } from 'styled-system'

const Box = styled('div')(
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